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Ooo La La

Ooo la la
You gave me some of that thing
Ooo la la
I fell in love with that thing
Ooo la la
Can’t get enough of that thing
Ooo La la
I’m thinking of that thing

Picked me out a rose
Stands by her man
She wants to party
She loves to dance
Won’t raise my voice
Won’t raise my hand
Keep telling your story
I’ll understand

You can have my body
You can have my money
You can have my soul if you want it too
You’ve become a problem
But I don’t want to stop it
‘Cause I can’t get over you

Talk all out of turn
See though my disguise
Reverse the currents

Kick me to the curb
I keep hanging on
You make me weak
But you make me strong

Schnabel on the walls
G Clooney villas
Rose waterfalls
Days in Marbella
Nights Porto Banus
The world is mine as long as I’m with you

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh